Tweedle deedle Eek!


IMG_9477April 1 will be the year anniversary of selling our home and hitting the road for parts unknown. Pulling our vintage canned ham trailer “bluebird”  we traveled up and down the west coast from Joshua Tree to the Pacific North West, spending time in Mount Shasta along the way. Following a mutual longing, we found our new home in the high desert of the Mojave.


As we traveled I drew and illustrated my impressions of song birds that we encountered and became interested in the sounds that they make as a way of identifying them.

bluebirdworkspaceI think of birds as our connection to the sky and the cosmos. I experience their songs as a language of vibrations that we can only approximate with “sound words” which in themselves create a language.

I am in the process of creating a book of these song birds and their sound words. It is called “Tweedle deedle Eek!” and it is close to being born. More on it’s arrival soon.

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